Corrections Committee

The Corrections Committee connects A.A. with correctional facilities within District 26. These include the MA Department of Corrections (DOC) facilities of NCCI Gardner and MCI Shirley.

Corrections committee responsibilities includes:

  • Attending Area 30 Corrections Committee meetings.
  • Sharing corrections-related literature and information at local AA meetings.
  • Bringing AA into a DOC facility as a volunteer.
  • Mailing old or new Grapevines/La Vinas to: Attn: Treatment Director
    MCI Shirley
    Harvard Road
    Shirley, MA 01464
  • Becoming a Prerelease Contact. A prerelease contact form (see below) is needed to participate.
  • Writing letters via AA's Corrections Correspondence Service. To learn more, visit, or call Kenny at Boston Central Service: (617) 426-9444.

MCI Shirley uses a volunteer form for AA members: here.

Pre Release AA Contact

For anyone seeking to arrange help upon release from someone in A.A. in the central MA area, this pre-release form is available: Local Pre-Release Contact Form. For elsewhere in eastern MA: Pre-Release Contact Form.

For questions, email

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