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A.A. in North America 

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Area          Name                                            Region                      WebSite        Country        
Area 01 Alabama/NW Florida  Southeast  aaarea1.org  US
Area 02 Alaska  Pacific  area02alaska.org  US
Area 03 Arizona  Pacific  area03.org  US
Area 04 Arkansas  Southwest  arkansasaa.org  US
Area 05 Southern California  Pacific  area05aa.org  US
Area 06 Northern Coastal California  Pacific  cnca06.org  US
Area 07 Northern Interior California  Pacific  cnia.org  US
Area 08 San Diego/Imperial California  Pacific  area8aa.org  US
Area 09 Mid-Southern California  Pacific  msca09aa.org  US
Area 10 Colorado  Southwest  coloradoaa.org  US
Area 11 Connecticut  Northeast  ct-aa.org  US
Area 12 Delaware  Northeast  delawareaa.org  US
Area 13 District of Columbia  Northeast  area13aa.org  US
Area 14 North Florida  Southeast  aanorthflorida.org  US
Area 15 South Florida  Southeast  area15aa.org  US
Area 16 Georgia  Southeast  aageorgia.org  US
Area 17 Hawaii  Pacific  area17aa.org  US
Area 18 Idaho  Pacific  idahoarea18aa.org  US
Area 19 Chicago Illinois  East Central  chicagoaa.org  US
Area 20 Northern Illinois  East Central  aa-nia.org  US
Area 21 Southern Illinois  East Central  area21aa.org  US
Area 22 Northern Indiana  East Central  area22indiana.org  US
Area 23 Southern Indiana  East Central  area23aa.org  US
Area 24 Iowa  West Central  aa-iowa.org  US
Area 25 Kansas  Southwest  ks-aa.org  US