WebSite Committee

The websote committee is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the District 26 web site and web-based resources. The web committee oversees and maintains web resources in a manner that:

  • Supports the primary purpose of District 26.
  • Abides by AA traditions and Internet guidelines (MG-18, SMF-197)
  • Reflects AA principles in scope, content, and functionality.

The website committee chair may rely on special workers with technical knowledge and skills to perform specific tasks. To contact the website committee chair, email

Web Resources

In keeping with its primary purpose, the website committee manages web resources to help the still-sick alcoholic, local AA members and groups, and those working or living with alcoholics in District 26. Such resources include:

  • General AA information
  • AA news & calendar events
  • AA meeting list information
  • Email accounts for District 26
  • Web site content (images, documents, events, web pages, etc)

Website Committee Tasks & Procedures

The website committee is responsible for performing the following tasks and procedures:

  • Report on committee spending and web-related news.
  • Post AA-related flyers, events, and documents, as needed.
  • Update AA meeting information, as needed.
  • Provide website support, as needed.
  • Oversee and help resolve website-related problems, as needed.


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